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We use the Tapestry Journal system for your child’s assessments as it allows us to communicate better with you about, and involve you more easily in, your child’s progress and development assessments and can be accessed on a smartphone or computer.

Our Parents’/Carers’ Guide to Tapestry is attached below.

In order to use Tapestry we need your email contact details. You can use the slip attached  at the end of the Tapestry Information Sheet below to send these to us.


Observations can include notes, videos, audio clips, pictures, documents, clickable links, a range of documents, and assessments and can be added by our team or parents/carers.

These usually include a photo from us with an update on your child’s activities throughout the day. We aim to give you 1 or 2 updates per day.

Download the app

You don’t need the app to view observations, you can view the system in a web browser on a mobile, however the app benefits from new features and can be easier to login frequently.

Helpful documents

To start using Tapestry, you’ll need to send us a form to help us ensure the safety of the children and for our records of who has access.

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